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Business Owners!
Tired of Shitty Customers?

All businesses have them...shitty customers that don’t pay after the job has been completed, shitty customers that are impolite and constantly complain, shitty customers that post false information about your company on social media and business rating sites.

Fight back by entering and categorizing your shitty customers in Select the reasons they were shitty to your business and have the option of sending an email to inform them that you have entered them into

Search before you do business with prospective customers to see if they have been a problem customer for other businesses.
Enter an unlimited number of shitty customers and perform unlimited shitty customer searches!
Shitty Customer Categories
  • Refused to Pay
  • Paid with Bad Check
  • Partially Paid
  • Credit Card Chargeback
  • Filed Legal Action
  • False Report To Contractors Board
  • False Report on Social Media
  • Impolite
  • Canceled Multiple Appointments
  • Frequently Complains
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